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Mental Health

Psychiatric Services

Our goal is to help you reach your best self through medication management therapy or a combination of both.  As  a board certified mental health nurse practitioner. I can help you manage your symptoms through medication management and psychotherapy.

Our therapists are skilled in a variety of therapy modalities and specialists.   We offer evening and weekend appointments and see patients ages 16 and up.  We offer in person and telehealth appointments.  We are in network with Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, Optum, United Healthcare, Superior  

Meet AnnMarie Staats

Psychiatric Mental HealthNurse Practitioner


Searching for the right medication management support to help alleviate your mental health symptoms? If you are doing everything you can, but still are needing support, I can help. I am a specialized type of nurse, with advanced training as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. My clinical training includes work with patients experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia, PTSD, binge eating and addiction disorders. Our staff are trained in evidence-based therapy modalities specific to your individual needs order to help you reach your optimal goal of mental health.

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There are several types of depression.  Depression is an illness that can last several months or many years.  It can affect your mood, motivation and daily function.  Depression is treatable.  Medication , psycho-therapy or a combination of both can help.  

Some anxiety is normal.  Severe forms of anxiety and panic disorders can be debilitating.  Symptoms include feeling restless or on edge, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems or physical problems such as a heart palpitations, sweating, shaking or shortness of breath.   Severe forms often require medication. 



Sometime we experience  a traumatic event, war, personal assault, witnessing a violent crime, abuse of a sexual, emotional or physical nature.  It can lead to a combination of  fear, depression, anxiety, or nightmares about the event.  A combination of  medication and therapy can help.   and isolation. 


Mood Disorders

Mood disorders Bipolar and Schizophrenia are the result of an imbalance of neurotransmittors.  Examples include bipolar and schizophrenia, These disorders are characterized by mood swings both high, "manic " and low, "depression"  as well as psychosis, seeing or hearing things that are not real , delusions, Paranoia.   They can affect the way we perceive reality and make it difficult to function.  Most times medication is necessary to control symptoms.  


Eating Disorders

Disturbances in body image can lead to  eating disorders, behaviors such as restricting food intake, purging food or use of laxatives or excessive exercise in an effort to gain some control over the fear, anxiety and depression often accompanied by these disorders.  Psycho therapy and nutrition counseling are primary therapies.  Medication can help with symptom relief.  Severe cases may cause medical problems and may require intensive outpatient treatment or hospitalization. 


Substance Use Disorders

Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to serious medical and mental health issues.  They can lead to loss of relationships, loss of career and  legal problems.  They can be treated with psychotherapy and medication.    

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